Profile in Japanese



I’m interested in IT technologies and Computer graphics


  • July 2015 - current: Software Engineer@Drivemode,inc.
    • Develop Android app and server side API
    • Detect bottleneck of app and increase growth
  • April 2014 - June 2015: Software Engineer@istyle,inc.
    • Chief software engineer since Feb 2015
    • Led team of 3 to launch video ad service from scratch
  • August 2013 - March 2014: Software Engineer@mixi marketing,inc.
    • Launch developer of DSP “Vantage”
  • April 2012 - August 2013: Software Engineer@mixi,inc.
    • Developed a system which analyzes users’ interests and places targeted ads based on the results


  • March 2012 : MEng Nara Institute of Technology Graduate School of Information Science
    • Automatic writing error correction approaches to support Japanese learners (in Japanese)
    • Supervisor: Yuji Matsumoto

Current job summary

  • Data analytics for app growth
    • To maximize our app growth, I have been finding bottlenecks of retention rate and acquisition rate
    • Consolidate better matching metrics to measure app usage
    • Have been designing and implementing tools and frameworks needed to analyze app growth
  • Develop Android app
  • Develop server side

Personal projects

【Digital Art】

  • Gallery on CGHUB
  • My main interest is making photo realistic graphics
  • Software: Zbrush, blender, etc.
  • I’m putting notes here tumblr

【Traditional Art】

【English learning】

    • Got 900 score in TOEIC by self education

【iOS app】

  • Photorealistic dinosaurs CG viewer DinoEpic

Skill sets

  • Programming language:
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Go
    • C#
    • Ruby
  • Technologies/Frameworks
    • SQL
    • Android platform
    • HTML/CSS
    • Web service design, development and maintenance
    • GCP architecture design and maintenance
    • AWS architecture design and maintenance
    • Unity
  • CG
    • Zbrush
    • blender
    • Photoshop
    • AfterEffects


Researched about supporting Japanese learners by statistical approach

Selected publications

  • Seiji Kasahara, Mamoru Komachi, Masaaki Nagata (NTT) and Yuji Matsumoto. Error Correcting Romaji-Kana Conversion for Japanese Language Education. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Text Input Methods (WTIM 2011): Short papers (oral), pp.38-42. Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2011.

Japanese conferences

  • 笠原誠司, 藤野拓也, 小町守, 永田昌明 (NTT), 松本裕治. 日本語学習者の誤り傾向を反映した格助詞訂正. 言語処理学会第18回年次大会論文集, pp.14-17, March 2012.
  • 笠原誠司, 小町守, 永田昌明 (NTT), 松本裕治. 日本語教育のための誤り訂正ローマ字かな変換. 情報処理学会第203回自然言語処理研究会, Vol.2011-NL203, No.4, pp.1-6, September 2011.

Other activities